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Knowing your metrics will be one of your greatest allies for business sustenance and growth. BP Metrics has equipped us with systems which precisely do that.
Rick Klassen, Owner/CEO Kootenay Granite

Increasing Competitiveness is all about

Wise Purchasing and Intelligent Cost Control

We help you with the latter.
Some companies run enterprise-wide business management systems like SAP or NetSuite. Others use different components, and have them work together to manage your sales, your supply chain, your manufacturing, and your service. But none have in place what we offer you: Detailed insight into the actual cost of your entire business process. Drilled down as deep as you need it. Offering you the ability to know and control costs like never before.... And improve your bidding too!
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Don't cut costs: Cut waste

Proper business process (cost) metrics equips you with the tools to identify inefficiencies. Most custom manufacturers lack these insights. BPMetrics equips you with easy-to-deploy integrated tools to map out your costs on each and every sales order.

Tracking Time

Time is money. Using an array of integrated resources, we equip your operation with the tools to track staff time, machine time, travel time, ... any time. All tracking can be categorized as deep as you need it to be. Using specific configurations, we subsequently translate time records into $ costs. Combined with Tracking Costs, this provides you with precise insights in the total cost of producing and delivering your custom-manufactored products.

Tracking Costs

Our Cost Metrics include tracking transport costs, material costs, accessories costs, and additional costs. Combined with Tracking Time, this provides you with precise insights in the total cost of producing and delivering your custom-manufactored products.

Automated Data Collection

We integrate your BP Metrics solution with your current equipment and tools: Sales Management Software, Machine/CNC controls, local data servers. We further have the means to include additional technologies (bluetooth, optical sensors, wifi switches) to maximize fully automated data collection.

Custom Android Apps

Key staff and team leads will be equipped with Android App tracking tools which are intelligently designed to minimize interverence with the workflow, whilst equipping them with efficient means to keep accurate time.

Excellent Support

Over the decades we have worked with many businesses. We quickly understand flows, and are able to discern your specific needs. We custom-develop your solution with minimum demands on your time. Once operation, Support is always there for you.

Field Staff Costs

Tracking with Easy-to-Use Mobile App.

InHouse Staff Costs

Tracking with App or Desktop App.

Machine Costs

Fully automatic/integrated tracking.

Staff or Team Efficiency

Filter-driven reports on HR cost/efficiency.

Sales Order Costs

InDepth reporting on actual total Sales Order Costs.

Project Type Costs

InDepth Analysis of Average Costs on Projects.

Costs: Your Bottom Line

Know your Costs, and you'll know where to improve.

Improve Competitiveness

Gain more orders; Increase Profits.

Custom Granite

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Tables, Countertops...

Custom CNC

Customized equipment, custom objects, custom solutions...

Mining Industry

Production, maintenance, production, support...

Anywhere else

Any business process incurring substantial costs whilst lacking in-depth cost accountability

  • Mark Cuban, Businessman
    It's not about the money or connections. It's about the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business."
  • Jack Welch, Legendary CEO
    If you don't have competitive advantage, don't compete.
  • Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart
    Control your expenses better than your competition. This is where you can always find the competitive advantage.

More about BP METRICS

BP METRICS is a division of... DYNAREAD SPECIAL EDUCATION CORPORATION: A privately owned Global Leader in online Dyslexia Remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers. We serve clients (both schools and private users) all over the world.

BP METRICS birthed out of the creative realization that we could create a powerful Win-Win-Win if we would combine our strong IT expertise with industry needs. Funds to remediate struggling readers are limited, making it always a challenge to jugle demands, available budgets, and pricing. WHY NOT DEVELOP a new service which would create powerful gains for custom manufacturers? The Result? BP METRICS.

We are passionate people, striving for the very best and ALWAYS having your business interest in mind.

If we serve your business well (very well), we create a powerful Win-Win-Win. All BP METRICS profits are put to work to help fight adolescent illiteracy. Is that necessary? Oh YES! Judge for yourself. Ten percent of children have Dyslexia. However...


60% of inmates struggle with reading


83% of street youth is low-literate


89% of adolescent suicides showed signs of dyslexia


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Cranbrook BC V1C6V3

Proudly Canadian

Serving on both sides of the border

These companies actively support our efforts to obliterate adolescent illiteracy and low literacy

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